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I've been an artist my entire life.  Starting with the study of piano and clarinet, I thought I was destined to be a professional musician. However, when I got to high school and was cast in my first musical I was hooked.  I studied Musical Theatre at Syracuse University and upon graduating, embarked on an incredible journey that to this day, never seems to get old.  


I worked at theme parks and aboard cruise ships.  I toured Europe and South East Asia.  I danced in regional theatres and on the Broadway stage.  Each new gig introduced me to a company of incredible artists who helped shape the artist I am today.  I consider myself so lucky to have had so many amazing experiences as a professional performing artist.    


Now, as a college professor, I have the great privilege of sharing my experiences with new generations of aspiring artists striving to make their own contributions to the world through their passion for theatre.  


Theatre feeds my soul, so when opportunities come along for me to immerse myself in an environment of professional artists, I jump at them.  The challenges I face as a professional director and choreographer are what help me grow as an artist, and translating those experiences into practical lessons for my students makes me a better teacher.  Having had two successful careers that blend together in such a meaningful way is an abundance of riches for which I am very grateful.   

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